4 Christ Family

I went to Identity Retreat 2010 Chicago. Almost all of the 4Christ Family was there. (Off the top of my head people missing: Eury, Dave, Joe Jun). I love my 4 Christ family, I am so happy that I am part of it. It’s been one day since I’ve last seen them, and man do I miss them. I miss the parents: Paul MSN, SMN, Aunt Heeko, Uncle Jay, Aunt Sook, and Uncle Jay. God bless them, so encouraging and so loving. I love Aunt Sook and Uncle Jim, they are so awesome and funny. Aunt Heeko and Uncle Jay are super nice and so generous. Thank you God again. I’m also thankful for the JDSNs: Will Chung, Brian Chung, OJ, James Cho. Thank you Will, you are an amazing brother and I love you man. Thanks for talking to me. Brian Chung I miss you incredibly before Identity and congrats with the successful proposal. OJ, I’m going to miss you when you leave, I love your energy. James, I’m so glad you are staying, we got time whoooot. The older role models: Andy Kim, Claire Park, Mia Suh, Tim Lee, Andrea Suh, Tiffany Lee, Danny Chung, Eliot Lee, Jessica Suh. They are great and amazing men and women of God. They love the LORD and is zealous to praise God, it is inspiring. Finally I thank my brothers and sisters: Kwangoo Suh, Ryan Lee, Emily Lee, Chris Chung. They encourage and support me like no other. Each genuinely unique…but in love with the LORD! So all is good!
God you are so good to provide such an amazing spiritual family for me. I hope you bless 4Christ Family more and more! Thank you LORD!!!

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