Genesis 1-2

It is quite amazing. Genesis 1 God spoke everything into creation from light to mankind in the image of God.

However, this is the interesting thing I picked up. In Genesis 1, it said “and GOD said”, during the time of creation God only called Himself God.

But in the beginning of Genesis 2, after the creation of man and the seventh day (the sabbath) it says “LORD GOD” (v.4). If I am correct, this is the first time God refers himself as Lord. AFTER the creation of man. God is Lord over man. God proclaims Himself as the Lord so that we are made to serve Him. This title as “LORD” is not man-given, it is God-proclaimed. Our God is Our LORD GOD.

And for me, this is a stunning part. Genesis 2 is all about our Lord God serving us. He places us where we can eat free fruit! He gives us a job. He gives us a place to dwell, and Eden was a gangster place. He shares His authority to govern Eden. And God searches to give us a companion. And when we couldn’t find one, God made the crown of creation: a woman. Instantly man and woman were the perfect match. Our LORD GOD loves to serve us more than we want to serve Him. This is the nature of His love.


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