First for everything: Walking through knee-deep snow

Oh man was it incredible. Oh how I love snow. It’s so fun. I started running in the snow because I wanted to get to my room quickly. All of a sudden I sank in knee-deep snow. I stopped. Nothing like this has ever happened to me. So I needed time to process it. I was overwhelmed with joy. I jumped, I screamed, I laughed in knee-deep snow. I was so happy. I was trying to running, but it was futile because there was so much snow. But oh man, I never felt so much joy before. I never felt so free. It was freezing. But I wasn’t alone for sure. There is no way I could be that happy without Jesus. He was either playing in the snow with me or He was watching from a distance, sharing in my joy of snow. Either way, He was there. Jesus thank you so much for being there. Father thank you so much for knee-deep snow. Holy Spirit thank you so much for joy in the little things.


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