Hebrew knowledge

so during class we were going over our hebrew translations we had to do that was due for homework. it was great. i actually did some of them. haha. but my teacher, who is very learned, told us that righteous is plural. He said he noticed when there was a plural form of the word righteous. tsa-diq-im. it was quite awesome. Then some how we got into the discussion of fire. We now know that fire makes carbon dioxide when it burns and there are ashes left. But back in the days of Israelites in the desert, they thought fire got rid of everything, there is no matter being transferred into gas and ashes. That’s why they compared fire to hell. Fire keeps consumes and consumes. Hell just takes away and keeps taking away. It just eats you up. Like worms too, they just eat your flesh when you are buried. So there is a lot of connection of fire and death and hell. or Sheol. (Also, my teacher, Dr. Douglas Penney said that Hell is very lonely, not only does it take away, but God takes Himself away from you, now that’s what makes Hell Hell.) One of the students then asked him when we say fire from heaven. And my teacher gave a beautiful answer. There is only one thing that fire makes better: gold. Gold and diamonds are heaven. So when fire is sent down, we are being made heaven material.


I know I probably didn’t make much, sense. But shorten: fire eats constantly like Hell does. But fire also refines gold, which is heavenly material.


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