Herein lies the…

Herein lies the complex nature of the “han” of the Korean “minjung.” As a people of a small and weak nation, they hate and resent the wrongs done to them by the surrounding nations whose might they cannot overcome. Yet although they do not know how their hopes might be actualized, being pressed by ever-increasing hopes for a free and just world, they cannot give up their yearning for a new future. Thus they are torn between hope and hopelessness

citation: Moon, A Korean Minjung Theology, 2.

bibliography: Moon, Cyris H.S. A Korean Minjung Theology: An Old Testament Perspective. Maryknoll: Orbis Books, 1985. 

I’m challenging myself to read more Asian and Asian-American theology. I have high hopes for this book written by a Korean Old Testament theologian, Dr. Cyris H. S. Moon. 

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