Inspiration // Dr. John H. Walton 03.27.14

Silence stealthily arose as the rapid utterance of words ceased. Slowly and quietly, restrained, yet loose words broke the silence. 

“God, I’m privileged to know these students…and await the coming days of how they will make an impact for your Kingdom…”

With reserved sniffles and undignified tears in his eyes, Dr. Walton closes his prayer for his students and dismisses the class a little earlier than usual.


Maybe it was the coffee, but I definitely left with such a powerful impression. 

God, you know how much I have been struggling and doubting myself about being a professor. It’s a daunting dream, one I probably should not put too much hope in. But, God…I pray: may I love the people you entrust under my responsibility with a love that desires to see them flourish in your presence. 

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