6th of 2015.


A Place at the Table // John A. D’Elia.

George Eldon Ladd. A relentless New Testament scholar. A broken human being.

As I am currently in the process of seminary applications, Dr. Mike Kibbe recommended this book to understand the ethos of Fuller, one of my top choices. This careful biography sympathetically analyzes the rise, the shine, the fall, and the influence of G.E. Ladd. Possibly the most important Evangelical scholar of the 20th century was filled with grief and brokenness.

At the end of the book, I shudder at the roaring pain of Ladd’s somewhat self-imposed sense of failure. This book causes one to wonder: How is excellence defined? How is success achieved? How are dreams and hopes fulfilled? I feel another personal blog coming on, but not yet.

Worth the read.

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