22nd of 2015.


Justification // N. T. Wright.

“When I read Paul, I see Moses.” – Dr. Daniel I. Block.

I deeply celebrate N.T. Wright’s meticulous and pastoral exegesis of the Pauline corpus. Wright’s exegetical and hermeneutical work aligns beautifully with what I believe the Old Testament texts have always said and continues to say. Wright keeps the historical Israel in view (unlike those darn Marcionites!), because the historical covenant with Abraham takes center-stage (thank you Dr. John H. Walton for emphasizing this in Genesis class!), therefore it makes sense that the historical YHWH (historical in the sense that YHWH has entered history) has spoken and acted in order to fulfill that covenant through Jesus — the perfect Israelite and YHWH Incarnate.

I finally understand what Dr. Block has been saying all throughout Deuteronomy class: Paul believes in the God of Israel incarnated in Jesus Christ and the outpouring of his Spirit in the Holy Spirit. Apostle Paul is more Old Testament minded than New Testament minded — I mean it wasn’t finished then!


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