43rd of 2015.


Emil Brunner: A Reappraisal // Alister E. McGrath.

World-class scholar, Alister McGrath has done a tremendous service for budding theologians on a most forgotten, misunderstood, and significant theologian of the 20th century: Emil Brunner. Brunner’s prominence is unjustly poised as “Barth’s inferior half” due to a poorly executed debate (McGrath claims from both sides) in 1934. And though Barth’s magisterial Kirchliche Dogmatik (Church Dogmatics) is the most dominant contribution, Brunner’s perceptive The Mediator, Man in Revolt, The Divine-Human Encounter, Revelation and Reason, and many others are definitive touchstones of the ecumenical theological enterprise. Brunner’s rediscovery and reappraisal can only benefit our whetting and wedding of theology, mind, and life.

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