Confessions // Augustine (trans. by Sister Maria Boulding)


Sister Maria Boulding’s superb translation flows like water with all its qualities: fluidity, clarity, and refreshment. Augustine’s quintessential and interweaved theological thesis is simply, “our hearts are disquiet until they rest in you,” or, more famously, “our hearts are restless till they rest in you.” Augustine is profoundly intrigued with creation (the question of origin, interpretation, materiality, spirituality, and significance) and he masterfully entwines it with his life. He first disgorges his dark and formless past of lust and pride–alluding to the formlessness of primordial heaven and earth. He then escalates his iconic conversion through Romans 13:14–alluding to the first burst of light. Lastly, he crescendos his life with God’s immutable and eternal will: for us to rest in God as God rests in us.

So, grant us that beautiful Sabbath rest. Amen.

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