Herman Bavinck on the Christian Life // John Bolt.


A marvelous scholar and benevolent pastor, Herman Bavinck towers as a faithful theologian in the midst of the intellectual furnace of 19th century Europe. His undying dedication to the Church was staked by his constant turndowns of alluring university offers. However, being an academic through and through, Bavinck brought the university’s fervor to the Church in his faithful service as a pastor-professor. The book is split into three unequal parts: (1) Quick sketch of the man himself, (2) Bavinck’s foundation for Christian conduct, and (3) Specific contexts for appropriate Christian conduct. The last chapter, Civil Society, could irritatingly shake any moderately conscious social justice personae, however, as a meticulous reader of Calvin, Bavinck is thoroughly saturated with compassionate for the marginalized. Personally, I would not say what Bavinck says about society, but the principle Christian ethics interposes with mine beautifully.

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