Following Jesus Without Dishonoring Your Parents // Coordinated by Jeanette Yep.


Initially read to help me prep for a sermon on “obeying your parents” to a youth group comprised of Korean Americans, I was delightfully surprised to see how much I was convicted and empowered by these sincere and perceptive voices. Even though this collection is a bit outdated (1998; just examine the cover) and much has changed in the past 18 years, there are some truths that never change and are always refreshing. Reflections on my parental and sibling relations, various friendships, unique Korean American immigrant church experiences, and self ventures in light of what these authors have explicated have and continue to work wholesome healing and forging: I am wonderfully and fearfully made! “Your Parents Love You, My Parents Love Me,” “Relating to Others–Understanding Yourself,” “Marriage & Singleness,” “The Gender Trap,” “Finding a Church Home,” and “Gifts Asian Americans Bring” were especially beneficial (that’s over half!).

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