Shadow of the Hegemon // Orson Scott Card.


Following the aftermath of the the Formic Wars, ‘Ender’s Jeesh’ are welcomed home as venerated heroes of earth, yet it is their fame and expertise that lures an insidious manifestation of evil: Achilles (pronounced Ah-SHEEL). With a faulty, deified self-perception, Achilles emboldens nations to ethnocentric wars to fabricate the most auspicious circumstances for his hungry usurpation as ‘Ruler of the World.’ Inebriated with the desire for power, Achilles hijacks the most brilliant military minds (Ender’s Jeesh), but strikes one for death: Julian Delphiki–better known as ‘Bean.’ However, Bean’s impeccable record of narrowly escaping death remains unmitigated. And as arrogant as he may be, for most obvious reasons, Bean self-mandates himself as the only force capable of stopping Achilles, saving the world from a manic ruler, and rescuing Petra–a friend he refuses to have killed.

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