Christ the Key // Kathryn Tanner.


Current Issues in Theology strives to exhibit cutting-edge and thorough theologies by the finest minds in the league. Kathryn Tanner easily tops the list. Her academic credentials, superb; her writing, sublime; and her theological clarity and import, magnificent. Yet these were discovered not by a third-party voice but in her work in Christ the Key. I cannot stress this enough: this is one of the best theological reads I have ever read. Ever. Although not the most accessible reads–hard work and full concentration are needed–the fruits of one’s tireless efforts profit richly. Tanner’s insistence on Christocentric theology (hence, her tagline: “Christ the key”) is refreshing and high valuation of humanity is astounding. Mysteriously wonderful is the God-Man Jesus who took on flesh to heal and elevate humanity to participate in the life of the Triune God. Hallelujah. Amen.


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