Shadow Puppets // Orson Scott Card.


In the aftermath of Achilles’ failed heist for world peace through domination, Peter Wiggins treks forward to forge bridges of diplomacy between nations. Perhaps business was booming or perhaps the Hegemon’s head was expanding, whatever the case, the dragon was invited into headquarters to be tamed–Achilles became hired hand for Peter. Foolishness, who could ever tame a dragon? Seeing the inevitable doom, Bean and Petra take flight before they too become puppets to the dragon’s deadly claws. Yet, even the dragon hungers and craves for even the smallest of foods: Bean.

To be honest, the third installment of Card’s Shadow series was disappointing. Petra’s personality morphed into a baby-crazed teenage girl that flushed her stubborn brilliance. Was this Card’s Mormonism’s influence to send a subliminal message? I can only hypothesize that this was the case.

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