The Glass Castle // Jeannette Walls.


An emotive and inthralling memoir of sturdy pliancy in the thrash of rambunctious childhood that stirs economic disparity, female sexual objectification, disturbing bullying, and family dysfunction to shape Jeannette Walls–a clear succeeder. With a more childish than child-like, self-withdrawn mother and a faithful promise breaking, drunk father, succeeding in any possible sense was laughable at best and somber at worst. The Glass Castle, a long held promise by Rex Walls to his wife and kids, was meticulously planned as the glorious, translucent, and light flooded resident of the Walls. But no such physical structure was constructed; its glorious and translucent peak was its scraps of paper. Yet, Jeannette, the odd one of the bunch, did succeed. Perhaps, we can say that she constructed her own Glass Castle: her own glorious, translucent, and light flooded memoir that hosts the precious and scarred Walls–she is the daughter of Rex Walls after all.


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