Prophetic Lament // Soong-chan Rah.


“By rejecting these two key temptations (withdrawal and denial), the acceptable alternative becomes lament” (43).

In a triumphalistic saturated church culture, where victory-language is all that we consume and spew, the act and discipline of lament are ‘swept under the rug.’ But this should not be so! Walking through the Book of Lamentations, Dr. Soong-chan Rah revitalizes a desperately needed exercise of deep-seated faith in God. Perhaps, American churches have far too quickly and exclusively clung to the triumphant talk and walk of the Resurrection without mulling over the horrors of the Crucifixion and Holy Saturday. This imbalanced fixation both reflects our insecurities of vulnerable expressions and produces contactless lifestyles. Lament hears ‘the blood crying out from the ground’ in history and from the wounded, experiences relentless grief, revisits grief, and cries out for God to remember his beloved ones. Lament is not proposed to solve problems but to audience with the one who sees and hears and embraces.

The timing of the book’s delivery was uncanny. The day after 2016 election, Dr. Rah has challenged me into a new avenue to express ‘faith in doubt’s clothing.’

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