Racial Conflict and Healing // Andrew Sung Park.


In the wake of the L.A. Riots of 1992, Andrew Sung Park, Korean American theologian, wrestles through the overt realities of sin and brokenness. As a spokesperson for the Christian Korean American community, Park unveils (1) the han (the dross of being sinned against) of and the han caused by Korean Americans; (2) biblical societal visions; (3) unique sociological methodologies through hahn (divineness), jung (affections), and mut (creative beauty); and (4) a theology of seeing as the Korean American balm for community. Utilizing a ‘beauty from ashes’ metaphor, Park advocates a deep, reflective, compassionate, and holistic theology of seeing to absolve and restore broken relationships in a han-ridden world. The four ways of seeing are hermeneutics of questioning the han (vision-seeing), hermeneutics of construction with hahn (intellectual-seeing), hermeneutics of affection through jung (spiritual-seeing), and hermeneutics of celebration with mut (soul-seeing). These four simultaneous avenues of seeing the self, others, the world, and God unleash the gracious healing balm.

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