Caught in the Middle // Pyong Gap Min.


A celebrated sociologist, Pyong Gap Min retraces, reviews, and reassesses a forgotten side of the L.A. Riots 1992 in the wake of the Rodney King event: the Black-Korean conflict. Reaching as far back as 1965, Min briefly retraces the history of Black and Korean interactions in Los Angeles and New York City. Min brings to light possible, probable, and definite factors for the grinding tension between these two minority groups. Min does not accept a reductionistic assessment of the rupture as solely from economic, cultural, ethnic, or white power issues. Rather, mustering all his scholarly tact, Min offers a complex and comprehensive mixture of economic disparity, cultural barriers, ethnocentrism, media irresponsibility, and lack of political engagement. Truly, Korean immigrants were caught in the middle.

Note: This was a ‘scholar-read.’ In other words, the book was not read in its entirety.


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