The Weight of Glory // C.S. Lewis.


Though never ordained for preaching pastorate, C.S. Lewis infrequently orated and recorded sermons for his local parish and school chapel–and the world is a bit more blessed for them. C.S. Lewis has an unusual craft not only to simplify but also to beautify truths too complicated or too forgotten. These nine sermons, edited and compiled by Walter Hooper (an assistant whom Lewis had a short-lived but satisfying friendship with), provide a window into Lewis’s rational and imaginative mind. The Weight of Glory is probably Lewis’s most critically acclaimed sermon–if sermons can be bestowed as such. Learning in War-Time and Why I Am Not a Pacifist display thoughts of one who has serviced in WWI and lived through WWII. Transposition and Is Theology Poetry? illustrates Lewis’s artful synthesis of imagination and theology. The Inner Ring and Membership exhibit the importance of relationships. On Forgiveness and A Slip of the Tongue focalizes on man’s relationship with God. These categorizations are entirely subjective and, doubtless, full of flaws.

For literary gaiety, below is my ranking of Lewis’s nine sermons:
1. The Weight of Glory
2. Transposition
3. On Forgiveness
4. The Inner Ring
5. Is Theology Poetry?
6. A Slip of the Tongue
7. Learning in War-Time
8. Membership
9. Why I Am Not A Pacifist

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