Jesus, Humanity, and the Trinity // Kathryn Tanner.


The year just started but I am bold enough to say that this particular book will be one of the best reads of my 2017.

As the subheading depicts, it is very (and sorrowfully) brief. It truly is its only major flaw. Yet, it speaks much of Tanner’s unique craft to say so much in such powerful rhetor with such brevity. Thematically speaking, Tanner addresses her prolegomena, Christology, ethics, and eschatology. Structurally speaking, unlike other contemporary systematic theologies, Tanner places Christology prior to her prolegomena. In other words, her creedal-conscious Christology precedes her creedal-conscious trinitarian structure of theology. Tanner is unapologetically Christocentric, a refreshing insistence to hold while engaging in Christian theology.

What does the unique hypostatic union between divinity and humanity in the Second Person, Jesus Christ, have to say about ethics and eschatology? Life in and with God is achieve in and through Christ by the Spirit. It is in the presence of God where life flourishes, overwhelming and subsuming finitude and mortality, healing them just by proximity with God, and challenging those who are near God to be like Christ to those around them. As we draw closer to the communicator of God’s goods, Jesus, we must become fellow communicators to others–hence “Christians” as “little Christs.”

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