Bridge to Wonder // Cecilia González-Andrieu.


Cecilia González-Andrieu, named as one of America’s promising theologians, embarks on an ambitious theological exploration in methodology connecting art, experience, beauty, wonder, and gospel. Prior to modernism, the arts and the religious were intimately intertwined. Yet now, the arts (especially fine arts) carry an air of exclusivity or absurdity: either it is incomprehensible or ridiculous. Rather than abandoning the sector in its entirety, González-Andrieu proposes an immersive theological dialogue between the art, the artist, the viewer, and the viewer’s community. What this enterprise demand is, first, expanding arts beyond fine arts to include creative works or arrangements by an individual(s) for a community(s). Then, the receiving community engages with the art and critically analyzes beyond the mere initial “love or hate (or don’t get)” reactions. What this communal-theological exercise does is to create a bridge to wonder (asombrado), which beauty mixed with the good and the true. On this bridge to wonder, we experience wonder through beauty–we experience God, who is Wonder and Beauty.


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