Silence // Shusaku Endō.


This is not a light read. Therefore, this is not an easy read.

What do we do with “the Problem of Silence”? When the desperate and cornered Christians, who boast of their living and speaking God (contra idols [Ps 115:5; 135:16]), can only utter the dreadful refrain: “Why are you silent?” Any serious Christian, like the Fathers in Silence, who is unwillingly forced to doubt in the face of radical evil and radical silence, defamation for lack of faith is shamefully reductionistic and should be resisted. Under the furnace of persecution, this “Divine Silence” exponentiates beyond an existential crisis onto a theological one: God’s silence is received as no-God. And in the face of no-God, the soil is once again tender with the renewed possibility for the reimagination of a new yet ever-present God. And, perhaps, then, we can hear that silence is being loudly present.


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