Growing Healthy Asian American Churches // edited by Peter Cha, S. Steve Kang, and Helen Lee.


Birthed from a collaboration of 14 prominent Asian American pastors and professors, Growing Healthy Asian American Churches covers a variety of unique issues, problems, weaknesses, and strengths of the Asian American Church. With a powerful and affective metaphor, like “household,” these various contributors speak gospel-centrically to critique and exhort the manifold ways Asian Americans have played their dealt hands–the gifts, tools, and challenges they’ve received. Without abandoning the uniqueness of Asian Americans, this collective work presents insightful ways to not meander the problems but engage them in healthy and growing manners.

There are few setbacks I have perceived: (1) Nearly half of the voice are Korean Americans and nearly all are of East Asian descent; (2) because of (1), a lot of unique problems and gifts are Confucian-based; (3) the contributors are not sociologists nor academics (which is not necessarily a negative but not wholesomely positive). The overwhelming strength of this book is that it is very accessible and practical.


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