Reflections on the Psalms // C.S. Lewis.


C.S. Lewis is always a delight to read. This particularly thin work was originally recommended as “one of the best introductions to the Book of Psalms” by my Psalms professor in undergraduate–my professor was not mistaken. In Reflection on the Psalms, Lewis faces some of the most common conflictual or confounding impressions any reader deals with from the Psalter: angry shouts of judgments and curses, death, infatuations with Torah (law) and nature, and second (or spiritual) meanings and interpretations. Lewis is not an academic theologian–much less an Old Testament scholar. He is, however, extremely lucid and well-read, and that’s something. And, perhaps, that is what’s wanted and needed for most people reading Psalms devotionally. So, let this literary sage share his insights with you.


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