The Exploration of the Inner Wounds–Han // Jae Hoon Lee.


Jae Hoon Lee’s analysis of han, unlike many others, has prioritized a psychological lens to interpret and understand han. This is a great supplement to readers of Minjung or others constructive theologians (the most published Korean American theologian being Andrew Sung Park) who utilize han in a more socio-economic sense. Lee is firm in claiming that a stringent oppressor-oppressed dichotomy does not get the full sense of han (Andrew Sung Park, on the other hand, is explicit about this dichotomy. However, he explains that he does so for heuristic purposes). Lee’s adoption and adaption of C.G. Jung and Melaine Klein brought light to three distinct levels of hanjeong-han (love from han), wonhan (hate from han), and huhan (nothingness/apathy from han). Knowing all three will help a subject to better diagnose his or her own sufferings and reactions, thereof.

Note: this was a scholar-read.

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