Lament for a Son // Nicholas Wolterstorff.


After a tragic mountaineer accident, Eric Wolterstorff at the prime age of 25 fell to his death, leaving Nicholas Wolterstorff absent of his firstborn. Dr. Wolterstorff is a world renown Christian philosopher–he knows the problem of pain and evil intellectually–but even his astute mind did not prepare him for the overwhelming sorrows of the heart.

This book is not a guide to pass over remorse and grief. This book is a vulnerable window into a man–a father–doubting and weeping over his loss of his precious son. Some of the pages resound with hope, but others hang low in despondence. The flow and flux of emotions are normal and worthy of the act of feeling–as Wolterstorff not only speaks on but exemplifies.

Read and lament, for life is too valuable not to lament about when it is gone.


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